My Personal Consumption

removed One place you can start to make sense of your own role is looking at your personal consumption. Your choices drive the marketplace to produce either more beneficial, or more harmful, products and services. Again keep in mind that there are few absolutes when it comes to any choice, but also risk in just about everything you do and everything you choose! They all carry some impact and some caution. You undertake a personal analysis to sharpen control over your own destiny.Everyone likes to think they’re “cool” or somehow distinct within a crowd. Yet in your consumption choices you often betray the easiest of “follow the leader” attributes. The environmental choices you make give you the ultimate ability to truly distinguish yourself as your own person and not just be a faceless member of the crowd.

Should you care about any of this? While the polar bears and penguins are a long way from our doorstep they are like the proverbial canary in a coal mine. In the days before technological aids, miners took a canary into the coal mines in which they worked. The canary was quicker to sense the existence of harmful vapours which if left unchecked would kill the miners. If the canary responded, in many cases died, it was a signal to the miners to get out. Likewise the fate of penguins in Antarctica and polar bears in the Arctic might be a signal as to future outcomes in other parts of the world.

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